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I am a Freelance IT Consultant and have worked in the computer software industry for over 25 years designing and developing computer software / websites for a wide variety of industry sectors mainly in the software house environment.

Since being made redundant from my last permanent role, which I held for 13 years, I turned freelance and have concentrated on Consultancy, Dynamic Websites and database software using various technologies, but most recently Android Apps / Java, PHP 5, Javascript, AJAX, jQuery 1.7 + UI 1.8, XML, JSON, CSS, DHTML / XHTML, PHPmailer, MySQL 5 / CMS-MVC systems (Joomla / Wordpress 3.4.2) and also on interfacing to/from Websites with PC based software / SQL Server using Visual Studio, MySQL, Access 2010 and SQL Server 10 / 2008.  I have had plenty of exposure to 4GL database languages, Visual and Business BASIC's, interfacing with/to Microsoft Office using Macros, VSTO / VBA / VBscript, Crystal Reports, interfacing with Flash and have used JQuery, Wordpress, Drupal, Concrete5, ASP, .NET, C#, .



I am available for Freelance IT Consultancy.

As IT Consultant / Business Analyst, I advise on improving and automating business processes through technology, implemented primarily by PC and website based software solutions.  Covering small-medium sized business Software/Hardware, Project management, Technical Business Analysis, Installing / Upgrading PC based systems, liaising with 3rd party suppliers, Specifications, Developing PC Software & Browser compatible Dynamic / Database driven Websites, Work/Data Flow Diagrams, Brochure & Form design, Graphics / Business Logo design, Training, Support.
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Personal / Professional references available upon request. or 07968-141368

81 Monson Road, Redhill, Surrey.  RH1 2EX



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